Is this the end?

We are deeply disappointed to have to inform you that we are not able to proceed with the proposed Harmony Park Housing Co-operative.

The owner of Lot 9524 was patient enough to grant us 6 months to find future residents. Unfortunately this was not enough time and the owner is not willing to give us an extension; they are putting the land back on the market. This is extremely disappointing given the significant time, effort and money we have invested.

All is not lost though as the project has taught us a great deal, in particular the need to allow at least 12 to 18 months to find residents, given that most people in Australia do not know about the this housing model.

We remain committed to this development model that cuts out the developer profit, and delivers quality homes and strong communities at cost to owner occupiers. We have an exciting 2019 ahead of us with lots of opportunities in the pipeline. We will inform you about these opportunities as they emerge.

To discuss further you can contact Eugenie via email or 0438 718 247.

[sent via e-newsletter on 19-12-2018]

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