Development Done Differently

We are a collaboration of experienced property industry professionals who believe it is time to do residential development differently. That it is time for more medium density development that provides opportunities for people to stay living in their community, in homes that are comfortable and sustainable. We believe this can be achieved by involving future residents in the design of the development, so it suits their needs and contributes to their well-being by creating a community, as well as a home.

We are excited to offer this type of home ownership opportunity to the community of Singleton. We have formed the Harmony Park Housing Co-operative and are looking for members who also believe it’s time to do medium density development differently, and want to call Harmony Park home.

With our support, the members of the Co-operative will purchase and develop the land at Lot 9524 Dorado Street. By being the developer the Co-operative will reduce the cost of their homes by eliminating the profit margin, which is generally anywhere between 15 to 30% of the total cost. By being the developer the Co-operative can also choose what features and amenities the development should have that will not only contribute to the well-being of residents but also ongoing costs and the environment.

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Community-led – Sustainable – Affordable – Co-operative – Innovative

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